a day of mistakes

It seems the pressure of being favourites for today’s rugby against france was too much.  The game was littered with mistakes, forward passes and bad bounces.  We don’t seem to do well when we are fancied to win.  Never mind.  Back to being underdogs next week when we play wales who beat england yesterday.

In other news, I was at Barrhead URC this morning where I managed to fill the bottom of an upside down goblet with wine.  Oops!  Apart from that it went really well.  Someone even told me I’ll soon be  a ‘fully fledged minister’ soon.  I know that’s meant as a compliment but it doesn’t half devalue everything else you do!!!

So that’s the end of my ‘week off’.  In the coming week I’m

  • meeting some people to talk about a distance learning youth work course
  • writing a service for next Sunday at Lanark (which might end up as a podcast if Bryan gets his act together)
  • coming up with a question for my masters research
  • organising the Synod of Scotland Youth Forum
  • meeting a colleague to talk about online learning tools
  • looking forward to seeing my new nephew for the first time (and giving my sister her birthday card – only two weeks late)

Should be a busy but fun week.

3 thoughts on “a day of mistakes”

  1. We were there; felt like being at the Stade de France rather thank Murrayfield – there were a lot of French supporters – we had some very loud Frenchmen behind us who sang their hearts out and were very excited after the first five minutes. It was fun being there – I even wore a Scotland hat!
    Nest week ah well – split loyalties I reckon. You are right yesterday was sooooooooooooooo exciting!

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