Talking Tech

Jack and I have been talking technology today. More later…

Sorry John…

I spent the morning talking about how the college (Scottish Congregational College) could make use of some of the very nice free tools that are around now to enable the college and its learners to share their thoughts, their work and communicate.

We like the look of PBWiki (a free wiki that is set up for education), Buzzword (free online word processor so students can collaborate on projects)  and Skype (the free video /audio / phone thing).

We talked Moodle for a bit but I have to admit I don’t know that much about how to host it, although I’m thinking that the nice big server sitting in the office might be able to double up as a  web server (is that nonsense?).  I think having a go with PBWiki is probably the best way to start and when we get to the point where we need more features or I get a chance to use it in another context (news of that soon) then we’ll have another think.

Suggestions, help and general comment would be great!

2 thoughts on “Talking Tech”

  1. 6 hours is later and still no follow-up!!
    What sort of mean blogger posts a tease like this and doesn’t follow through? You’ve tantalised my geekiness and then let me down!
    I’ve been checking back every 5 minutes for the update and it hasn’t appeared. I’ll need to go and do something useful now and I’ll probably miss the moment, but hey! such is the thrill-ride that is Web2.0

  2. Well, if you need some webspace to try out pbwiki and moodle, give me a shout and I’ll set them up for you and give you the admin logins.
    You might also want to look at some of the google tools that can be used for interactive document sharing and collaborative working.

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