We have a range of ways you can both watch and hear weekly worship from St Ninian’s.


You can join in our worship on YouTube , Facebook and on St Ninian’s Website


St Ninian’s Sermons is a weekly podcast of our sermons.  You can find it on all the usual podcast providers including Google, Apple and Spotify, or directly from

Or, you can find the audio recording on the St Ninian’s website on the Sermons page

St Ninian’s in Stonehouse is a Local Ecumenical Parish. That means our church is a partnership between the Church of Scotland and the United Reformed Church bringing the traditions and resources of both denominations to serve the people of Stonehouse.

Nestling in the north-west of the Clyde Valley, Stonehouse lies on the fringes of urban central Scotland in the rolling hills of rural South Lanarkshire.  A village steeped in history, tradition and surrounded by beautiful agricultural and recreational countryside, Stonehouse retains a sense of character and community that has attracted many to settle here.

1 thought on “preaching”

  1. Stewart, the message that we are all different is simple but potentially powerful. I’ll use it with a group of mums I work with.

    Pride…… I’m proud I climbed Ben Nevis, not because the bloke next door couldn’t, but because I thought I couldn’t. Comparison may well be the enemy of happiness, but self comparison is fine. Perhaps chuffed is the word I’m looking for though. The sermon was refreshing, thanks, Iain.

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