the search for a question

‘Are computers and mobile phones effective learning aids in Youth Work practice (or Informal Education)?’ (As supplied by Graeme)

How does that strike you as a question for my masters research?

2 thoughts on “the search for a question”

  1. I think to be a real research project title you need more buzzwords. It sounds too comprehensible at the moment. Something like:

    “Educational effectiveness of Information and Communications Technology for targeted demographic groups”
    (to be spoken accompanied by the sound of whalesong and the whiff of herbal matter – or not, of you don’t want to be too new age) 😉 But even that sounds a bit too prosaic. I’m sure a good trawl through a thesaurus will help.

    Flippancy aside, it sounds manageable at least.

  2. My problem is that I have a professor and a class full of people who get to ask questions like:

    What do you mean by ‘educational effectiveness’? And how will you measure it? What Information and communication technology? And what is your targeted demographic group?

    The question needs to be tight enough not to present any questions like that, vague isn’t good… at all. Does that make sense?

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