Solas Update

Summer is fast approaching, although you’d never know it from the cold weather today!

With volcanic ash and potential strike action on the cards it makes more sense than ever to holiday at home and take in the new Solas Festival on 25-27 June at Wiston Lodge near Biggar.

There are some fantastic speakers including Douglas Alexander MP, Gerry Hassan, John Swinton, Kathy Galloway, Chris Harvie MSP, Shaun Burnie, Dan Glass, Doug Gay, Cole Moreton, Alastair McIntosh, Vérène Nicolas, Eugenie Harvey, Richard Holloway, Kathryn Heyman, Osama Saeed and Stuart Blythe.

Musical highlights  feature The Russian Choir, SuplexTheKid, Kitty the Lion, Yvonne Lyon, Jo Mango, Calamateur, Rory Butler, Brian McGlynn, Monica Queen & thrum, Mr McFall’s Chamber, Esther O’Connor, Peatbog Faeries, McIntosh Ross, Juliet Turner, Iain Morrison, Fair Witness and We See Lights.

There is also a great programme for children and young people, a performing and visual arts programme and a huge range of worship.

You can now download the latest solas leaflet for may.