Unelected Leaders

I thought I’d post this for those who are perpetuating this nonsense about an ‘Unelected Prime Minister’, mostly the ‘political editors and corespondants’ working for the media and Tory Members of Parliament.

The UK has a Parliamentary system.  When you voted last week none of your ballot papers had a section for choosing the Prime Minister.  You voted for the person you wanted to be your Member of Parliament.  Those MPs mostly belong to Parties.  The Parties choose their leader.  The Leader of the party which forms the Government becomes the Prime Minister.

Which part of that process involves anyone other than a political party electing their leader who then becomes Prime Minister?

That’s right, it doesn’t.

The ‘unelected leader’ issue is a complete red herring and factually incorrect.

Can we at least have a clear and honest representation of the FACTS of how our Parliamentary Democracy works please?

2 thoughts on “Unelected Leaders”

  1. Amen to that too. It was all getting a bit presidential; even the news in China talked about the Prime Minister TV debates and I was having a rant a bit like your post at the TV.
    As you say we live in a parliamentary democracy. Amazing how the words and red herrings get used in the soundbites in the media and go unchallenged.
    Last week I voted for an MP not a president!

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