New OneKirk Journal Available Now

The new issue of the OneKirk Journal is now available online.

It has some great stuff including:

  • reflection on the use of torture
  • a guide to some of the notable events at General Assembly
  • ‘champagne bubbles’ by Roddy Hamilton
  • A conversation with Scott M Rennie
  • and an Introduction to Emerging Church by some guy called Stewart Cutler

Have a look.

OneKirk is not a club, pressure group or party. Rather it is a network of Church of Scotland people that is being developed to support, enable and facilitate one another in our various ministries, whether they are lay ministries or ordained. OneKirk seeks to help us discern the meaning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our generation.

It is our hope that we can foster and encourage an atmosphere of open and theologically informed debate on matters of spiritual, social and political import within the Church of Scotland and, indeed, the wider church and society.

We seek to include all people in the life of the Church of Scotland regardless of past life, or present, for we recognise that God’s love is for all.

[update: the journal conversation with Scott M Rennie has been widely quoted in the press.  It’s nice to know that people are interested in the person rather than the picture painted of him by some]