A Question of Faith – a sermon about Thomas

I feel sorry for Thomas.  He gets some bad press, mostly so John can make a point to his readers I think.  I’m not even sure Thomas had doubts.  I think he had questions, so that’s where this week’s sermon focuses… on questions. I was at Lanark Greyfriars and the readings were John 20: 19-31, Read More …

Holy Week Sermon

I’ve posted the text for this sermon about Mary of Bethany and Judas before but I’ve never recorded it until now. I often feel that Holy Week is one of the most overlooked parts of the Christian year.  That’s all the more strange because it is at the very heart of our faith.  Today is Read More …

Has Preaching Had Its Day?

Has the sermon had its day?  Is there still a place for preaching?  Jonny Baker explores preaching in a thought provoking piece he wrote about a year ago… Preaching: throwing a had-grenade in  fruit bowl I have to say that I don’t think preaching is done yet, but then you might expect someone who stands Read More …

New Rules – a sermon

This is a sermon preached on Sunday 8 March on Mark 8: 31-38 (Lent 2B).  As always, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts.

Transfigured – A Sermon

This is the sermon I preached this morning at Barrhead United Reformed Church on Mark 9: 2-9, The transfiguration of Jesus.

Still Speaking – A sermon

1 Samuel 3:1-10 is one of my favourite passages in the Bible.  I love the story of Eli and Samuel and all its imagery and drama. Let me know what you think of the sermon.  Thoughts, comment and criticism (constructive preferred) all welcome.

New Beginnings – a sermon

I was leading worship at St Andrew’s in Blantyre this morning while their minister Peter is off at a conference.  It was great to be there again, although we had a bit of a hymn tune issue which I thought was kinda funny.  It always amuses me when people don’t know a tune how quiet Read More …