for anyone writing an essay

RefWorks is genius. It helps you collate all those searches in databases for journal articles and papers and puts them into a bibliography that you can download!!! Why have I just found out about this!!!

Byron Report published

Dr Tanya Byron has published her report into safer internet use and gaming. You can read the report HERE. This is the executive summary bullets: The internet and video games are very popular with children and young people and offer a range of opportunities for fun, learning and development. But there are concerns over potentially Read More …

more new media

Class was good.  We looked at blogging, bookmarking, rss and tags.  All very useful stuff but I think some of my classmates might need more convincing!

new media

I’m about to have a class on using new media to communicate research findings.  Looking forward to it… Oh, and I saw Dr Hilary Jones off of GMTV in Buchanan Street!

recording my research

I’ve decided to use the other blog I’ve had lying around doing nothing for a year to record my research and reflect a bit more on my Masters in Research.  I’ve written a little about it here and will still post things that are relevant to my work but I think keeping a separate blog Read More …

informal education in a digital age?

Leaning and Teaching Scotland have just announced what they think the markers fo excellence in literacy are for the 21st century… and the definition of texts is:novels, short stories, plays, poems, reference texts, the spoken word, charts, maps, graphs and timetables, advertisements, promotional leaflets, comics, newspapers and magazines, CVs, letters and e-mails, films, games and Read More …

a day of mistakes

It seems the pressure of being favourites for today’s rugby against france was too much.  The game was littered with mistakes, forward passes and bad bounces.  We don’t seem to do well when we are fancied to win.  Never mind.  Back to being underdogs next week when we play wales who beat england yesterday. In Read More …