A Hint of Bergamot

I’m taking part in a collaborative photoblog, A Hint Of Bergamot.  The blog’s mane comes from the little hint of bergamot that makes Earl Grey stand apart from just tea.

Thomas gathered us together to seek out and photograph the specialness of the ordinary.  I like the sentiment, even though I hate

Some of the people contributing I know in real life, some I know through Twitter and blogging and some people I’ve never met or spoken to but they are part of a wider network of what has become known as Twurch. Twurch is a growing network of people interested in God and faith who use Twitter.

Should be fun, but I have to confess now… I hate Earl Grey.

Today’s contribution from me… something we see almost every day…

3 thoughts on “A Hint of Bergamot”

  1. i LOVE Earl Grey! Gotta find the right brand! BUT my FAVORITE black tea from the UK is PG Tips. Found a place here in the US who sells it since i no longer live in the UK!

    LOVE this photo.


  2. Can’t beat a cup of Twinnings Earl Grey tea (without the milk!) accompanied by a slice of Starbucks lemon drizzle cake. Mmm tasty!

    Incidentally I’m really enjoying the photoblog thingmyjig. Will defiinitely be getting the camera out during my time off soon. Might even get some walking done!

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