It struck me that I haven’t blogged about the two challenges I’m taking part in for 2009.

The first is one I’ve been thinking about for a while then forgot about until it was really too late.  Flickr abounds with 365ers.  The challenge is simple.  Take a photo every day of yourself or something that represents that day.  I wanted to start on 1 January, but forgot, so I’m on picture 3 instead of 7.  Never mind.  I still aim to do 365.  You can follow my progress HERE.

The second challenge is to read the Bible in a year.  This one I did start on time but have fallen behind already.  I’ve got big chunck of Genesis, Psalms and Matthew to read!  I’m using YouVersion to help.  It sets out the Bible in small bits and you can read online, on your mobile or get the book out.  You can also sign up and journal your thoughts and share with other users.

So, those are my challenges.  Follow my progress here and on the Something Beautiful Podcast, where I’ve been promoted (at least they told me it was promotion) to co-host.

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  1. Hi EP. I’m not using all the same photos on A Hint of Bergamot but some will make an appearance. I’m raiding my back catalogue just now for the photoblog to keep up! lol. You’re all so good!

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