A Few Changes

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again…

Why do you come here?  What brings you to my blog and when you get here what do you like about it?  What kinds of things do you find helpful?  Is anything missing?

You may notice if you venture beyond the front page of this site that the resources page has altered a little to include an Amazon Store.

I link most of the books and resources I talk about to Amazon so it seemed to make sense to collect them in one place so you can click through to them and see what else I’ve been reading, watching, playing with and listening to.

The sidebar now also contains an Amazon widget with my top 6 recommendations.

[disclosure: If you click through and buy anything I get 5% in Amazon vouchers. Not that that’s why I’ve added the feature. Honest.]

I’ve also worked out how to change the header picture so look out for some new ones over the coming months.

4 thoughts on “A Few Changes”

  1. Hi Stewart,
    Since you asked I’ll figure you want feedback so here is my viewpoint…
    Got hooked on your blog for NYA2008 and have kept on reading. In general I read a bunch of blogs, yours included, as a window into what is happening in different churches and you have provided that. What to change? I’d say nothing unless you want to. Be yourself. I read for the insight into the church and what you are doing in your ministry, not necessarily specific resources or information.

    Hope that helps

  2. Hi Mr. Cutler:
    I came across your blog serendipitously, i.e., flipping mindlessly through the Net. Seriously, I think I was looking for the text of a Howard Thurman piece and your site came up in a google search. But anyway, I am glad I found your blog… it’s interesting. Hi from the Windy City.

  3. Thanks Steve and The Tenacious One! It’s great to get some feedback and it’s good to know who is reading the blog. It sometimes feels as though writing a blog is a bit like whistling in the wind so your encouragement is greatly valued.

  4. I visit because I am nosey! The changes in your blog appear on my bloglist and I can’t resist taking a peak. Which is actually just as well because more often than not its worth it. You have some good things to say and I like the way you say it. Might not always agree but thats life. keep blogging and btw Happy New Year!

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