why does being organised take so much effort?

I’ve spent large amounts of the last two days just throwing stuff away.  I seem to just collect stuff.  I don’t file, I don’t throw it out and most of it never gets looked at!  So now there are 3 black bags full of random stuff waiting to go out to the bin.  The whole process is quite cathartic but I’m getting fed up now and just want to get on with being organised and productive!!!  Yeah, I know… we’ll see.

2 thoughts on “why does being organised take so much effort?”

  1. oink…flap…oink…flap
    And just think how rich you’ll be when you get the publishing deal on “How to organise your life the Stewart way – only 3 black bin bags required”.
    I recently redecorated our dining room and I’m almost tempted to tape up the boxes all my stuff is in (it doubled as my study) and pretend I don’t need them ever again – which is probably true – then bin them. However, what I really need to do is be brutal about what stuff goes back in.

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