Getting Organised

Today is GO day!  From this evening I will be Organised!  Honest!

I’ve bought everything I need for my new system.  All I need is an actual system!  Oh, and a Sharpie pen (forgot to get that!).

I bought a new notebook (not a moleskine – I want to see if I can make this work before making that kind of investment in a notebook), page markers, a nice new pen, a new bookcase to allow me some more room for my books and files, cleaned out my Outlook Inbox…

So, a system?  I’ve been looking at lots of GTD (Getting Things Done) stuff and most of the notebook systems seem quite complicated, or is it just me?  I need a system that will:

  1. Help me to write down important stuff at meetings and create a ‘to do list’ that will get done
  2. Give me some space to write down thoughts for sermons, training sessions and blog posts
  3. Manage my projects

So, is that how it works?  I just split my notebook into those three/four sections?  It needs to to work alongside my digital system so I can transfer stuff to and from my outlook and from there to my phone & PDA (that already sounds like too many places to have information!)  You see my dilemma!!!  Any advice would be most welcome!

2 thoughts on “Getting Organised”

  1. Rich Olyott put me onto your blog post about getting organized. I’ve found that if you are wanting to get organized using Outlook and a PDA you can’t get much better than Sally McGhee’s advice in Take Back Your Life using Outlook — search Amazon UK for that title.

    McGhee uses David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” methods but applies them simply and clearly to a digital medium, advising users to sync their Outlook with a PDA so that they can take their system with them.

    I cannot recommend her book or method highly enough. Last night I met up with a friend to whom I’d recommended her book a few months back and she has already got her system up and running and it’s working perfectly for her.

    I’ll be blogging about the system I use soon, so look out for it. 🙂

    Hope that helps.


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