Some Days Are Better Than Others

They just are.  Today was a day that most days will be better than.  This could be the benchmark by which other days will be measured.

The thing is that when taken in its component parts it hasn’t been too bad but as a whole… sucks.

I started out in a bad mood.  Woke up after not nearly enough sleep (again) and went into the office.  My supervision was ok but there is a whole thing going round all the people who do my job just now about how we account for time rather than focusing on the quality of work, but that’s a story for another day.

Staff meeting was ok but I had to leave early to go to the dental hospital.  That’s when things started to go pear shaped.

I arrived on time on floor 7.  I waited.  20 minutes later I was seen by a jolly consultant who asked me why my dentist had referred me and then sent me for an x-ray on floor 3.  The sign said ’15 minute wait until you get your x-ray’.  I waited 30 minutes to get my x-ray then a further 40 minutes on the x-ray film.  The staff had helpfully been saving them up and brought through 5 at one time!  Back to floor 7.  More waiting.  Eventually after 2 hours of waiting punctuated with 4 minutes of actually being seen or x-rayed I told the receptionist I would have to leave.  Children to collect and all that.  Just then the nurse came through and called me.  I explained I had to leave.  ”Just 2 minutes” says the nurse and sure enough, I go through and the consultant tells me that he’s not sure I need a root treatment or that my tooth is perforated and that I need to come back and see his colleague.  Great.

I now know EXACTLY what I knew after seeing my own dentist 2 months ago!!!

To be fair the rest of my day has been ok.  I saw my kids and I’m parked in front of my laptop surfing the web and listening to Celtic play in the Champions League while looking forward to Motherwell’s European adventure tomorrow.

Oh, one final moan.  Ryder Cup.  Come on Sky Sports.  How about Pay-Per-View online like last time?  I don’t want to pay for your overpriced sports package on cable.  I just want to watch Europe beat the Yanks… again.  That will cheer me up.