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I’m almost done with my Masters in Research.  I have two modules to complete then a dissertation.  The dissertation takes the form of a small research project.  I want to get started soon and have it completed so I can graduate next November at the latest.  If I’m super organised I could graduate in July.

Being super organised would include actually choosing a topic to research.  That’s when things get complicated.

I have three potential topics:

1: Youth work and social media – models of good practice using web2.0 tools to work with young people

2: Does youth work work? – Does employing a youth worker make a difference? Probably a case study

3: Towards an evaluation framework – how could churches/projects evaluate what they do? Working towards an evaluation framework.

This is where you come in.  Any thoughts, comments, ideas, avenues to pursue and general advice and suggestions would be very welcome.

There are lots of people I know who read this blog who never or rarely comment.  It would be great to hear from some of you about this as I’d really value as much input as possible.


4 thoughts on “Research Choices”

  1. Just that I fear there is no definative answer to the youthwork question (the zillioins of books on the subject cant all agree) and there are already evaluation frameworks that can be used by churches – Weavers Triangle is one that we use for The Loft Youth Project, which although secular  I see no reason it wouldnt work in a church setting. And there are others (did you not do something in the din and distant past??)Whereas looking at social networking would be interesting – for example one of my uni pals was thinking about looking at how ‘evangelicals’ portray themselves online. I suggested more useful because if you were to do the research – then maybees you would be able to use the results to help others with ideas/advice etc Possibly even publish?

  2. Would be interested in the results of “Youth work and social media”. Perhaps with a slant on how online communities can become bona fide ‘offline’ communities too?

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