On the road again

I’m back on the road again this week, in two ways.

The first is in a literal sense… running.  10 years ago I ran a half marathon.  It turns out that residual fitness doesn’t last ten years!

The second road hitting is to Aviemore to lead a couple of seminars based around the Internet, both on Sunday morning.

My first seminar is about life online. (I didn’t pick the name!)

Web Discipleship; Blogging, Skype, Podcasts etc. (that’s NOT what we’re talking about)

Don’t know your RSS from your Bebo? The internet has revolutionised communication and leisure but youth work has largely been left behind. Join us to explore the benefits and pitfalls of life online. (this IS what we are talking about)

The second is

Child Protection: Young People and the Web

The internet is a new and uncharted country which, like most new places, has benefits and drawbacks. Like any other place it provides risks and opportunities for young people and adults alike. Join us to explore some of the risks and opportunities presented by the internet in safe and sensible ways.

Any thoughts on what you would want to hear about in either session?