Old skool

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently. My laptop is in for repair so I’m using paper and pens and other antiquated tools for now. Good job my iphone arrived the other day or I’d be cut off from the world. I’d have to have actual conversations with people and everything!

Normal service, or what passes for it round here, will resume shortly I hope!

5 thoughts on “Old skool”

  1. I will buy you a pencil sharpener – have not used one of those in years!
    There is a sermon illustration in here somewhere…… hope you get it back soon.

  2. Aah… yes that happened to one of our laptops too – glass of water. Thankfully I managed to find a replacement keyboard and all was well – except that out of penance for not being waterproof it now gets abused by the kids as their computer – I had to buy a replacement, after all!

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