Decision 2: Children

Just like all the adults surrounding them our children had suddenly found themselves at home. School had been closed, along with everything else, and they were grappling with that too. What could we do to help?  

Faith, Wisdom & Spirituality

I was delighted to be invited to chat with Donald McCorkindale as part of his series of conversations about ‘Faith, Wisdom and Spirituality‘.  You can see the results below.  We cover a whole range of topics including the missing generations of people in church, how my community work training informs and underpins my ministry and Read More …

Decision 1: Online Worship

When lockdown began 2 years ago I, and every other church leader in Scotland and around the world had a decision to make: how will we worship? Stewart reflects on his decision to pre-record services at home and what the benefits and costs of that decision were and still are.

Scratching the Surface

Our new series, Scratching the Surface, asks 3 questions about our scripture this week; What do you notice? What do you wonder? What do you realise? Join in at 

A digital divide?

Pretty much every church that is going to be online is now online.  Many of them have been for a while and loads more over the last year as buildings closed due to pandemic regulations. But now the question is ‘what next?’ For some churches being online was only ever meant to be a stopgap Read More …

Dr Donald Macaskill

Donald Macaskill is the Chief Executive of Scottish Care, the representative body for the care sector in Scotland. Donald has been the voice of the care sector during one of the most difficult years imaginable, advocating for staff, residents and those requiring care at home. We talk about a reimagining of the narrative around ageing Read More …