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I’m going to give my 9 year old son my old iPod but I want to load it with some tracks to begin his musical education. So, what would you put on it?

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  1. I was goin to suggest Queen too!
    Perhpas a choice selection of AC/DC?
    David Crowder too, they do a good selection of just fun songs if he has no interest in Christian music

  2. As a stalwart Springsteen fan I must suggest Born to Run and Growin’ Up (preferably Live version from 1975-85 box set!).
    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms.
    John Mellencamp: Jack & Diane.
    Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive.
    Derek & The Dominoes: Layla.
    Jimi Hendrix: Voodoo Child & All Along the Watchtower.
    Pink Floyd: The Great Gig in the Sky & Another Brick in the Wall 2.
    Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell.
    Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover.
    Lynyrd Skynyrd: Sweet Home Alabama & Freebird.
    Bryan Adams: Summer of ’69 & Somebody.
    Jeff Wayne: Musical of War of the Worlds.
    Blues Brothers: She Caught the Katy & Minnie The Moocher.
    Simon & Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Water.
    Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.
    Some Bach and Mozart.
    For some Christian stuff, some dcTalk and Delirious.
    Man, this is kinda fun… I could go on and on until no more room on the iPod!!!!

  3. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
    Miles Davis – anything from A Kind of Blue
    Bruce Cockburn – The Last Night of the World
    Bob Dylan – Is Your Love In Vain?
    – Subterranian Homesick Blues
    The Beatles – Something
    – Here Comes the Sun
    Yes – Close To The Edge

    Just a few ideas, but don’t miss out the Jazz.

  4. at nine he should really be introduced to some cool experimental listening
    so I would suggest

    early Kraftwerk
    the trippy weird later period Beatles,
    dub step like Burial.
    70’s glam, Mud or slade
    80’s pop, (preferably some two tone action from Madness or anything by price waterhouse cooper!)
    greatest hits of a country star, john denver, dolly parton, kenny rogers (early johnny cash)
    anything by stevie wonder, aretha franklin, otis redding, marvin gaye, Louis armstrong, or the the rat pack. any motown would do
    classic scottish folk, hamish imlach or alistair macdonald, eddi reader’s songs of rabbie burns album is great
    really early elvis or the later vegas years elvis
    and many more besides, Fleet Foxes, Beirut, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Any Radiohead.

  5. I’d give him some:

    Johnny Cash- “ring of fire”
    Pet Shop Boys-“Go West”, “You were always on my mind”
    The Killers-“I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier”, “Jenny was a friend of mine”
    The Editors- “smokers outside the hospital doors”, “munich”
    moby- “God moving over the face of the waters”, “dream about me”, “that’s when i reach for my revolver”
    The Eagles- “hotel california”
    Jeff Buckley- “hallejuhah”

  6. The majority of these suggestions seem heavily tilted towards a narrow part of music history and genres. So here are some suggestions to expand this…..

    Some medieval plainchant
    Rennaissance polyphony – Monteverdi, Carver etc
    Bach Cantatas
    Buxtehude Organ music
    Vivaldi strings concerti
    Haydn String Quartets
    Mozart and Beethoven Symphonies
    Schubert songs
    Chopin piano music
    Wagner and Verdi operas
    Mahler and Dvorak Symphonies
    Gilbert and Sullivan operettas
    then things start to get a bit more diverse
    Debussy, Schoenberg, Gershwin, Shostakovich, Britten, Elgar and many more
    at this point you would probably want to move into some Ragtime and early jazz
    Elvis and the Beatles would have to be in there as the start of Rock
    following this there are of course a wide range of avenues you could follow to explore popular music a lot of which have been covered already.
    Should also maybe cover some contemporary artists who are not quite so populist. Bang on a Can composers might be a good place to start.
    Of course this is very British/American focussed – you could explore some world music too, broad range here might be some East African pop, Bollywood, Klezmer and some Chinese folk music

  7. Some random genres to help him discover the broadness of musical styles:

    Classical – Lacrimosa from Mozart Requim
    Jazz – a kind of blue
    Swing – some Jools Holland Big Band stuff, maybe a couple of tracks from the album he did with Tom Jones
    Blues – Ridin’ with the King by Eric Clapton and B B King

    Also have a look at Stuart Maconie’s Critical List ( for landmark albums and artists!

    I still remember the feeling of listening to the album ‘A Night At The Opera’ by Queen and discovering a vista of music that I never realized existed. I hope your son experiences the same thing!

  8. “This Love Will Carry” – Dougie Maclean
    “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” – Leo Kottke
    “Nettle Wine” – Ralph McTell
    “Jimmy Newman” – Tom Paxton
    “Country Life” – Show Of Hands
    “Lovers” – Paul Downes
    “Year Of The Cat” – Al Stewart
    “Her Town” – James Taylor
    “The Cottager’s Reply” – Chris Wood

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