I’ve hit a few milestones in my training this week.

30 hours running


25000 calories

This week I’ve run 33.4km in 3:21:04 burning 2694 calories.

I’m starting to enjoy the runs and Monday’s long run took me to 15km… only 6km to go!

Yesterday, while I was out running 15km in the sunshine, knowing that there was a fridge full of food and powerade waiting on my return, Christian Aid published a report about Palestinian Refugees on World Refugee Day.

Palestinians constitute one of the world’s largest refugee populations of recent times, with those displaced in 1948 and their descendants now numbering 4.82 million.

The report calls for an honest and meaningful dialogue about the Palestinian refugee crisis. It engages all stakeholders, together with the introduction of a process that can deliver peace with justice and security for all Palestinians and Israelis.

You can help Christian Aid with this vital work by sponsoring my run at