Lanark Greyfriars Podcast

Lanark Greyfriars Church have a new addition to their website… a podcast of part of the morning service.  Now you can listen online or download some of the talky bits; the readings and sermon and stuff.  They are available on the church website by clicking the link above and will be on iTunes shortly.

6 thoughts on “Lanark Greyfriars Podcast”

  1. And if any of it doesn’t work or needs to be changed – tough! It can wait.
    Now, here’s a thought. Can you count downloaders as part of your membership roll?

  2. I think that’s a fair question John. We tend to measure members and attendance by the number of people who turn up on a Sunday. Surely that needs to include those who are ‘virtually’ there!

  3. I sometimes wonder if some of the folk sitting on pews are virtually there.
    Of course, the real issue is how do you get a collection out of them (downloaders that is)? I somehow think that charging for podcast downloads is not the way to go.

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