It’s not golf. It’s the Ryder Cup!

Ryder Cup

There is something special about the Ryder Cup.  I’m a big golf fan but every two years this thing comes around and provides one of the most exciting events in sport.

It is proof that individuals in an individual sport can come together and form a team.  That’s what makes the Ryder Cup the amazing spectacle that it is.

If you can see some highlights later then watch, even if you never watch golf.

Well played USA and congratulations to Europe!

1 thought on “It’s not golf. It’s the Ryder Cup!”

  1. Caught most of the day on the radio.
    For once, Monty said all the right things….
    Felt deeply for the Molinari brother who lost the last three holes. I know what that’s like (on a much much much smaller stage) and hopefully he can gain confidence through the team win.
    Well done the USA ! Gracious in defeat. That doesn’t happen often. Is it because Pavin is a Christian ? (He is, by the way)

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