It’s all about the glutes

Last night I paid a man to hurt me.

I didn’t think I’d ever say that.  He was a sports therapist though, so that’s OK, right?

I took my sore back to see Grant McLullich.  It turns out that it’s not my back that is causing my pain… it’s my backside. (Insert your own joke here)

Sitting at a desk with poor posture and driving aren’t great for good muscle tone.  I spend a lot of time doing both.  Your hip flexor (on the front of your pelvis) gets short and your glutes (on the back) get loose and weak.  That means when you run your muscles are out of balance and something is going to get hurt.  For me it was the glutes which presses on the sciatic nerve which makes your back sore.

Grant spent some time treating the affected areas and gave me some stretches to do for now.

No running for a week.  I can go out on my bike though as long as I don’t go nuts.

I’m going back to see Grant next week for a second round of pain and some rehab exercises with the prospect of some light running after that.

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  1. You’re in good company… this was the reason why Andy Murray withdrew from a tournament at the end of last year. May your recovery be speedy.

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