2 weeks…

It’s been two weeks since I hurt my back.  It’s improving slowly.  I can put my own socks on and everything!

When I set out on the road to a marathon injury was always my biggest concern, even more than the time commitment needed for the training.  As I’ve been hobbling around for longer and longer I’ve been getting more and more worried about the training runs slipping past.

I’m missing the runs.  I miss that feeling of getting outside, of pressing myself to go further or faster and just feeling good after a run.  I feel tired.

I suppose that means I’m getting better because last week I was just pleased to be able to stand up!

In some ways it’s ok that I’ve had a couple of weeks out.  I’ve got miles in the bank and I’ve still got plenty time until the end of May.

But… there’s always that niggling doubt.

Two weeks off the road is a long time.  It doesn’t take long for fitness to start to fall off.

I’m off to see a sports therapist tonight but I’m not expecting miracles.  My back is getting better every day but I’m not going to be running 20k tomorrow.  It’s going to take a while to get back to where I was this time 2 weeks ago.

That’s assuming the sports therapist doesn’t ground me…


2 thoughts on “2 weeks…”

  1. Thanks Alex! I haven’t been to an osteopath yet. I’ll see the sports therapist tonight and see what he has to say but if it is going to be a recurring injury then I will book a visit to a bone cruncher.

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