Help please…

Tomorrow afternoon I’ve been invited to be part of a panel at International Christian College to discuss what the Emerging Church is, what can be learned from it (by the evangelical church I guess) and what the downsides of emerging church are.

Along with me there will be people on the panel who know actual stuff, so any help, ideas, thoughts or general prayers or good last minute excuses would be welcome so I don’t look like a complete idiot (again).

Thanks. (off to look up what hermeneutics are/is/were/taste like!)

5 thoughts on “Help please…”

  1. I was iven a quote about emerging Church recently by one of the GA youth reps. It goes: “In essence, conservative Christians view the emerging Church to be nothing more than a bunch of hippies with incense and candles!”
    You could intro that quote, and then say why its so much more than that!?

  2. Hi have fun
    when I was doing the theology stuff at college we used to put alternative often silly names to things – hermeneutics became coffee sweeteners – I think because it sounded like a brand of er well sweeteners!

    How my brain cells are in need of a sleep or a rest!


  3. Thought and prayers for you tomorrow. I’m sure God will guide you to say and do the right things so you don’t “look like a complete idiot”!

    God can do great things when He’s part of all we do.


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