following the star

It’s not even advent yet and I spent last night thinking about Epiphany!  We had a planning meeting for Together last night and it takes place on 6th January, which is Epiphany.  And to be honest I didn’t know what Epiphany was either!  It is the visit of the wise men, the magi, the 3 kings.

So, Together in January will follow the journey of these 3 men from the east, following the star to Bethlehem to meet a king in a stable.  I’m really excited about it.  I think the team have come up with some great ideas that we now need to flesh out.  It should be interesting, thought-provoking and challenging.  And there will be hot chocolate with marshmallows and maybe even cream!

And… drum roll… Together is online on Facebook (togethermct group) and at so come join us!

4 thoughts on “following the star”

  1. Sorry to be a pedant but my wife would never forgive me if I let it pass… there is no evidence that there were 3 kings, only 3 gifts, there could have been any number of people carrying them.
    Like I said, sorry.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Next thing you’ll be telling me was that it wasn’t a bleak midwinter with snow everywhere!
    I’m going to stop reading this blog if you continue to destroy my illusions. 😉

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