Virtualisation and Society

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The Church of Scotland’s Church and Society Committee are hosting a day looking at ‘Virtualisation & Society in Edinburgh on Thursday 21 January from 10am – 4pm.  The day is FREE.  To book your place email vcano [at] cofscotland [dot] org [dot] uk.


  • How has virtualisation impacted on notions of identity?
  • How has virtualisation impacted on our values as human beings?
  • How has increased connectivity impacted on the nature of our organisations?
  • How has increased connectivity and virtualisation impacted on our ability to develop meaningful communities?
  • Is a regulatory framework desirable?
  • What are the theological implications of the changes being brought to individuals, to society and to organisations by increased connectivity and virtualisation?


  • Prof. John Eldridge. University of Glasgow. Dept. of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences
  • Prof. Phillip Schlesinger. Professor in Cultural Policy. Institute of Cross Cultural Studies. University of Glasgow.
  • Dr. Heidi Campbell. Texas A&M University. Department of Communication.
  • David Pullinger. Head of Digital Policy. COI.
  • Prof. Michael Northcott. University of Edinburgh. New College.

Come and say Hi! if you’re going.

7 thoughts on “Virtualisation and Society”

  1. Interesting day with lots of thought-provoking stuff. But I still can’t get my head around what it was for. It didn’t seem to address the advertised issues and it didn’t seem to go anywhere (or be going anywhere). I also thought that some of the panel rather liked the sound of their own voice too much and it would have been better to allow the punters a bit more of a contribution. But again, the question is, what were we meant to be discussing?

  2. I agree John. I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts and post something coherent about it but I can’t. That’s partly because I didn’t take enough notes but I found the day a little erratic. Like you I kept waiting for a point…

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