URC’s core values

The Unlikely Evangelist has posted this list of values that a recent conference about the future of the URC came up with:

The Core Values identified are:

A Radical Welcome
– welcome, fellowship, no one turned away from our churches.
A Place to Think
– questions, doubts, fears and a safe place to explore
A Place of Change
– Reformed and Always Reforming is still our distinct driving force
A Passion for Justice
– Fairtrade, Drop the Debt, Make Poverty History – define who we are!

Implied within the four is our unique commitment to work with other churches and partner organisations whenever possible, but we were also clear that ecumenical partnerships would no longer hold us back when our way forward was clear.

So what do you think? Are these the things that define the URC? Can we live up to these core values? How do we go about making sure that both the church and the wider community know who we are?