Trent Yaconelli’s Birdwings

Trent Yaconelli is putting together a solo project and he needs help.  Please go to this link to get all the info you will need to help a great songwriter get an album made.


On his blog ‘Morphine Life Trent says:

For years, while a member of the band Five A.M, I have been trying to create music that speaks to not only people’s hearts but their souls.  As the band begins to close the door on it’s career a window has opened for me as a songwriter.  Over a year ago I was somewhat depressed as I began to realize Five A.M. was not going to rise to the heights I had wanted.  In the midst of that winter more and more songs began to pour out of me.  Not rock songs but simple – sparse songs that pointed towards the struggle of living a deeper, passionate, and spiritual life.  It was music I have been writing and setting aside for years, but was now ready to come out.  At a retreat in the mountains of Oregon I ran into an incredible violin player, Duane Whitcomb, who opened up these new songs even further.  I played  a few solo concerts and found that this music resonated people.  I received emails and had long talks with strangers who were moved by these new songs.  I was asked repeatedly where my music could be found and purchased but I didn’t have anything.  After many, many restless nights I have decided to do something I have a hard time doing…..ask for help. I don’t have the money to record, so I am asking for people to pre-buy the CD or give more, if you feel so inclined.  Click here for details.