Training: week 5

This week has been hard going on the training front.  Too many late nights (3.30am on election night!) and too much birthday cake but I got the runs done.

Wednesday – short run but very heavy legs.  I’m finding the short runs after a recovery day all feel a bit heavy.

Thursday – the best day of the week. 25 minute run.

(Killer) Friday – trying a threshold run after 4 hours sleep is just silly.  Also, myCoach doesn’t like trees.  The gps signal is all over the place.  Again the nike+ sensor has me running a much more even pace.

Sunday – a nice gentle 30 minute run but again my legs felt pretty stiff and heavy.

Monday – 50 minute run.  Again the myCoach gps has my pace all over the place.  I ran along the Clyde again and the trees play havoc with the pace guide.  I’m not sure why it doesn’t correct itself when it reacquires the signal.  Odd.  Again nike+ has me at a much more even pace.

So, the numbers for the week are:

Time: 3:11:14   Distance: 32.6km  Calories: 2623

In the 5 weeks of training I’ve run 133.92km and used 10775 calories in 13 hours.  If you’d like to support my efforts to help Christian Aid then please sponsor me at