Training: week 4

I’ve run over 100km in 4 weeks.  That’s not bad from a standing start!

Wednesday – I ran early in the morning, like really early.  7.20am.  It was nice to get up and get out but it was freezing!!!

Thursday – for the whole of my training Thursday will be a 25 minute run.  I like Thursdays!

(Killer) Friday – As usual after a nice gentle Thursday myCoach tries to kill me on a Friday with a threshold run.  Today was a 40 minute run with a delightful trip into the yellow zone.  I did better this week, managing to stay in the yellow zone for just over half the time.  The weekly email from mycoach says that the ‘duration of these yellow zones should be difficult to sustain’ and I can confirm that they’re not wrong!

Sunday – half an hour seemed like forever.  Heavy legs and a hot day.

Monday – long run today.  It’s all about time with myCoach so 40 minutes was my goal today.  I chose a different route, running along the clyde walkway.  The GPS struggled with the trees so according to it I stopped at one point.  I can assure you that I didn’t!

See… the nike+ graph doesn’t lie…


As always, thanks to all the people who have sponsored my half marathon run to help Christian Aid help some of the world’s poorest people.  If you would like to help please visit my JustGiving page.