Sunday’s Coming (18/2/18)

John 11:1-44


Jesus’ friend.


And what does Jesus do?  Something else.  There’s no hurry.  No rush to see him or any hint that he might save him.  So many miracles, so many strangers healed, made whole, restored… why not Lazarus?

Again the story is laden with symbolism but there’s some real raw emotion in here too.  Mary and Martha are two of his closest followers and Jesus seems pretty indifferent about their brother’s fate.  I wonder how they felt about Jesus at that point?


Of course it all turns out well in the end… or does it?  Lazarus will spend the rest of his life as the man who died.  And not just for a moment.  He was dead for days.  Long enough for decay and stench to set in.

How do you come back from that and live?

How do you come out of the darkness of the tomb back into the light?

But that’s exactly the point… I AM the resurrection says Jesus.

And Lazarus lives again.

(Perhaps The Stone Roses… for the offering?)

3 thoughts on “Sunday’s Coming (18/2/18)”

  1. THE greatest miracle in my opinion. Was Jesus hesitant because he was expected to bring his friends brother back to life or because he was nervous that he couldn’t? Did he know that Lazarus would never live a normal life again as he would be labelled as the man brought back from the dead?

  2. I am taking from this that Lazarus was dead before he died in that his life was ‘lifeless’, ‘soulless’ and without love? ….and that in being brought back to life he was given the opportunity to give to the world from which he took before. All men die but as James Boswell said “it is not how a man dies that is important, but how he lives”. WE all that that chance to ‘live’ and to ‘give’ but whether or not we take it is ours. I believe Jesus was trying to show us this in many ways but in the end the choice is ours.

    Alas he wasn’t there to bring back the dead punters jist because he could….what would be the point? Personally I think they greatest miracle is life itself but how we chose to use that time, short or long, is for us to ‘explore’.

  3. Haha definitely the stone roses! For me the bit that stands out is how in our being human we rush around, trying and failing to be in control and avert disaster and keep our lives in order. Few things point Jesus as being “of God” more than his faith and trust that all things work out in their own time… No need to rush around trying to stay on top of everything, just trust that God can use every situation for good. Now if only I could somehow learn that level of trust and letting go…!

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