Yesterday the small boys and I paid a trip to the new Riverside Museum in Glasgow.

I first saw the design for the museum in New York in a Zaha Hadid exhibition at the Guggenheim and it was brilliant to see the building completed years later.


The snaking silver building houses the old Transport Museum’s collection and is a huge improvement with loads of space to show off trams, trains, cars and bikes.

To give you an idea of scale…

Car shelves

Those are proper cars on the floating shelves.

I loved seeing Graeme Obree’s ‘home-made’ bike.

Obree's bike

It’s a great day out with easy access by train from Partick.

My only two criticisms:

Why can’t kids choose what goes in their lunchbox?  Chicken crisps aren’t every-one’s favourite.

And beware the Tall Ship.  £15 for an adult and £5 for a child is pretty steep, especially compared to the free entry to the Riverside Museum.