Research Decission…

Right.  I’ve decided what my Masters research will focus on.

I’m going to explore youth workers in church settings’ attitudes to social media.  I had a couple of chats over the last few days with Chris and Tim and they have helped me to focus.

So, my initial plan is:

To investigate youth workers in Scottish church based settings’ use of and attitude to social media tools.

I hope to find out

  1. Who uses social media tools – demographics of use
  2. What do they use and how
  3. Are there policies or guidelines around use
  4. what benefits do workers perceive?

How does that sound?  Your thoughts comments and insights are very welcome, as always.

1 thought on “Research Decission…”

  1. Sounds good and will be very helpful for others (if the opportunity to share arises – you know that book you had on that list ;o) )I think this is a timely piece of research – many people are bedded in with use of Bebo/Facebook etc, others are just starting to wake up to it, others are just plain scared of it. So yip good choice!

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