radio as it should be


I don’t listen to the radio as much as I used to.  I almost always listen to my iTunes on shuffle at my desk but when I’m in the car I listen to the radio and every time I do I think I should listen more often!

There are two shows I get little snippets of every now and again that I love.

The first is Radcliffe & Maconie on Radio 2, weekdays from 8pm – 10pm (GMT).  Mark and Stuart talk nonsense and sense in a way which makes it difficult to tell which is which but their passion and knowledge of music is captivating.  They play music you never hear anywhere else and wonder why not!  Well worth 2 hours of your life.

The second is Tom Morton on Radio Scotland. weekdays 2-4pm.  Tom broadcasts brilliant music and proper random chat from his home, a croft on Shetland.  I discovered Tom’s show by accident.  I sometimes listen to the news or football on Radio Scotland and had left the car radio tuned in.  I’m glad I did.  Again, Tom plays a blend of proper music that rarely makes it onto daytime radio.  He is knowledgeable and passionate about music, and Scottish music in particular.

Both great listens and both available online.  Give your ears a treat!

2 thoughts on “radio as it should be”

  1. Ah good old Radcliffe & Maconie, or Radcliffe without Maconie this week…takes me back to the glory days of Mark & Lard… want completely captivating fantastic nonsense that was!  Yea, he’d be a great dad or member of a pub quiz team!

  2. I too discovered Tom Morton by accident – his track lists are great. And I love his wee stories of life in his croft. Not tried Radcliffe & Maconie…might do that soon.

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