7 thoughts on “Possibly the best benediction ever?”

  1. An interesting point was when he said (and I paraphase slightly)

    When we go back to our churches, our temples and out mosques and seek His will. God is found in all faiths? All roads lead to Heaven? thoughts?

  2. I thought so too. But I just heard from a veteran of the struggle for civil rights in Alabama – a white academic – and she describes herself as being “pissed at that comment”. Allowing for the unfortunate American habit of missing out the word “off”, it is nevertheless a sobering thought.

  3. Honestly, I’m not sure Steven, but if pressed I’d have to say I think I agree for one reason. The three major faiths, Jewish, Islam and Christianity have the same root. All go back to Abraham and it is there that there is the first split where one son goes off to a different place. Was God only with the people of Israel?

    I often wonder if these three faiths are the cultural understanding of God in the same way that orthodox, roman catholic and reformed traditions are cultural understandings of Christianity.

    What do you think?

  4. Why is she ‘pissed’?

    The one thing that makes me giggle a little is that America is so keen on the separation of church and state… but is one nation under God, has In God We Trust on its money, asks God to bless America and prays at the drop if a hat. That seems odd for a country founded on freedom of worship and which doesn’t like prayer in school.

  5. I have lived in Scotland for a long time and for the first time in a long time I am proud to be both an American and a Christian.

    Is God found in all faiths? I don’t know. Is God found by faith? Absolutely!

    ‘Not all roads lead to God, but God will travel down any road to meet us.’ (paraphrased from The Shack.)

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head Stewart when you mentioned the church and state thing. America have elected a president- not a leader of a Christian church. The end of the Century American experiment of trying to use political power for Jesus is over- or at least I hope it is! I suspect that history will not look back on it with favour.

    And so why should a benediction not be shared with all Americans- from all faiths? Why should it not suggest that all seek God in the way they understand Him (or Her?)

    I think the hope that this President brings is that he will be a pursuer of peace and reconciliation between races and religions.

    I kind of feel that we Christians have to learn to get with the Jesus way of doing things- which was to stand for something clear and pure, and then to display this, not to use it as a stick, or a measuring rod- even with those who follow Mohammed.

    Cheers- hope to catch up with you soon


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