Please DO NOT vote for these people!

I’m not sure I should even blog about these people because it gives them some free exposure but perhaps the most disturbing thing about the upcoming elections for the Scottish Parliament is the appearance of the Scottish Christian Party.  I don’t get it.  Who is it that they think they represent?  It sure isn’t me.  I value the fact that people can hold and profess these kind of opinions because that means that I also have the right to say that I find their policies disgusting and un-Christian.  They DO NOT represent me or any of the Christians I know.

Here are some of their policies…

use of reasonable force to maintain discipline in school;
ban abortion;
publicise the catastrophic effects of ungodly behaviour such as excessive drinking, drug addiction, and sexual promiscuity and perversion
abolish the discriminating Sexual Orientation Regulations;
full restitution for victims of crime;
referendum on the restoration of capital punishment
referendum on the reinstatement of Section 28 (Section 2A) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act of 1986

The Scottish Christian Party will seek to re-introduce corporate readings from the Bible in all Scottish state schools, thus reflecting the Christian constitutional foundation of Scotland, as set out in the Monarch’s oath of allegiance and the Act of Union 1707.

The Scottish Christian Party believes that the provision of Christian religious education should be mandatory, (with no obligation to promote other faiths), the history curriculum should reflect Scotland’s rich Christian heritage and the science curriculum reflect the evidence of creation/design in the universe.

The Scottish Christian Party believes that the much needed extra prison capacity should be purchased from developing countries for the purpose of catering for Scotland’s medium Security Prisons. This should take the form of building state of the art prison facilities in developing countries that wish to host Scottish Prisons.

Advantages would include:

1. Less overcrowded prisons, cheaper costs and greater efficiency
2. More resources at home to look after our worst offenders properly
3. More economic trade instead of aid handouts to developing countries
4. Raising prison standards in developing countries by example and the provision of expertise.

Curfew for the under 11 year olds
In light of the alarming rise in abduction, abuse and murder of children, the increase in juvenile crime, the unprecedented levels of alcohol abuse and drug use amongst the young, the Scottish Christian Party would seek mandatory intervention of child protection agencies in relation to any child 10 years or younger that is found unaccompanied on the street after 9:00pm. We believe that this would have far reaching benefits to the lives of our young, protecting them from the dangers that lurk in the streets at night. It would also encourage the rebuilding of the traditional family structure and the parent-child relationship.

I particularly like the restoration of the well known Christian practices of discrimination, exporting prisoners as far away from their families as possible, physical punishment for children and of course execution. All they need are some black shirts and we have ourselves a full blown fascist party.

Don’t be fooled. DO NOT vote for these people.

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8 thoughts on “Please DO NOT vote for these people!”

  1. TOTALLY agree – I watched their party political broadcast last night and was appalled. You should come to the hustings meeting on Sunday, they have a representative coming along. Can’t wait!!

  2. I’m touting the same message, not online, but to anyone who’ll listen … truly the lunatic fringe, something we really don’t need in Scotland .

  3. Did you get along to the hustings meeting? Just wondering how it went.
    I was chatting to a friend on Sunday evening who had been at one locally. Someone asked the SCP nominee about the policy of shipping prisoners to other countries. Their reply was, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” Much hilarity ensued apparently.

  4. The report I got was much the same…

    On Capital Punishment, and I quote ‘If you do the crime you have to do the crime’…


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