On the road again

I’ve been off on my travels again, this time to Northampton for a couple of meetings.

It’s always been part of my job to be away from home but I’m often struck my the paradox of working for an organisation that promotes good relationships but is happy to ask it’s members and staff to spend lots of time away from home, especially over things like Father’s Day.

It also struck me as I was walking to the car to drive home that I hadn’t been outside for 3 days.  That can’t be healthy!

The meetings were ok.  It was good to see my colleagues and to finally meet Stuart Radcliffe who I’ve been friends with on Twitter for a while in real life.

After sitting down for 4 days and driving 700 miles, today I finally got back out on the road for a run.

The ongoing saga of ‘will my big toenails fall off or not?’ continues but they don’t hurt so I decided that three weeks was long enough to rest after my marathon.

It was great to be outside in the sun and I can honestly say I’ve missed running.

The legs are ok, the breathing was a bit harder than before, but that will sort itself out over a couple of runs.

My next goal is to get faster.

I want to get my 5k time down and then get well under 2 hours in the Great Scottish Run half marathon in Glasgow on 2 September.  That’s not long so July and August will be full of hills, intervals and parkruns with a long run every week to keep the miles up.

And whisper it… I might run another marathon… but not this year!