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I’ve got a notebook for work.  It’s an A5 hardback plain paper book (from W H Smith as it happens… Moleskine next time) and I have set it out with tabs.  It was/is a key part of my plan to Get Things Done.  It works for work.  I write stuff I have to do from meetings in it, draw little boxes next to ‘to do’ items and tick them off when I do them.  All good.

I also have sections for ‘Someday’, ‘Blog’, ‘Projects’ and ‘Training’.  I don’t seem to write much in these.  I’ve written 2 things in the ‘blog’ bit, 1 page of stunning ideas in the ‘training’ bit and nothing in the ‘someday’ section.

Is this normal?  Should I have dreams and visions that I record in my nice notebook?  Just wondering…

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