When you drive up the M6 the signs eventually start to say NORTH.  I’ve always wondered where that place is because the end of the M6 is Scotland but if you keep going long enough you get to what might actually be the place signposted as NORTH… Thurso.

We have just returned from visiting NORTH for the first time and it’s an amazing place.

The landscape is bleak, battered by wind and weather.  It’s a truly wild place.  And it is beautiful.

Avril at Strathy Beach

This is the beach at Strathy, just along the coast from Thurso, past Dounreay.  It was stunning in the rain and the wind so it’s hard to imagine just how amazing it looks in the sunshine.

We spent a weekend with some of the warmest people we have met.  Saturday was spent having interesting conversations with people who really care about their church and the children in and around it and Church on Sunday was full of fun and laughter and chocolate.

If you ever get the chance follow the signs and head NORTH.  You won’t regret it.