Microsoft Courier digital journal

From the videos and pictures on Engadget it looks like Microsoft might have cracked the tablet with their Courier digital journal.

If this thing does all this and actually works then the iPad could be dead before it is even born.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Courier digital journal”

  1. Now I do want one of these.
    I think that what makes it most appealing is that it is in a format that we are actually used to using. It looks like a book/diary, you ‘flick’ through it like a diary, you read it like a book, but then you interact with it and it becomes what a diary/journal should be – a useful tool for pulling together mixed-media notes. And there’s the crucial thing – so long as it does that very, very well it’ll be good. It’s not a media player, it’s not a movie viewer – it’s a diary, a tool for achieving things and for working with. Don’t compromise it by turning it into an entertainment centre.

  2. Holy underpants captain – I had not seen this before – this is completely delicious so much more juicy than a netbook given that you can take it with you on the train or bus (no not here in Austin) or to the coffee shop or to a book store and gather inspiration. Yes I knw you can already do that with the netbook etc but there is something wonderful about the method of interaction that mirrors the way humans would interact with information (magazines, letters etc) before computers and how we would move them around etc For me as a photographer this is completely fabulous – take a shot of a location and then go see some models and take their picture and visit clothing stores and take shot sand then journal the entire thing – WOW – send me one sir – Its heavenly 🙂

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