meetings about meetings

I spent most of yesterday in meetings talking about meetings.  Not the sit round a table kind, but rather the hundreds of people getting together kind.

Our Synod is having a Synod Day at Perth Racecourse in June where we hope that lots of people, young and old, will join together for a day of worship, learning and fun (hopefully in the sun!).  I have to admit there was a large degree of ‘that’ll never work here’ when we started the process but it looks like we will indeed have hundreds of people and, happily for me, lots of children and young people.

The other meeting was the management group for Crossover, a Christian youth festival I’ve been helping to organise for 10 years now! (feels like 100)  We are well on track for 800 young people and leaders turning up and it looks like a good event.  We had a bit of a chat about the future of the event as money is tight for all the agencies involved and the festival has looked pretty much the same since it started.  Maybe time to dream it all up again?

We had a hilarious discussion about promoting the festival where John who runs the website and I talked lots about a presence on social networking sites like Bebo and MySpace and perhaps running a Crossover blog and the others looked totally lost!  I guess the church and Web2.0 haven’t quite met yet!

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  1. Have you had a look at I’ve started a community for Cursillo, and so far ( a week in) it’s doing a great deal better than the blog we tried before.

  2. Thanks Chris. I hadn’t looked at ning before. I like it! I’ve have passed it on to our web guy. Looks good with lots of the features we could use.

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