3 thoughts on “learning to read the bible again 3”

  1. Hi Matt. I’m enjoying the discussion very much. This week’s thoughts about the role of Israel in the contunuing story are interesting. I think I believe that Israel means the people of God and so we are part of that continuing story, but God chose the Hebrews to be His people and that has importance for us in how we understand God and how God revealed Himself in that relationship. Looking forward to other people’s thoughts!

  2. In Romans, wasn’t Paul pretty explicit about Israel being the true root-stock onto which we are grafted? And that if even a wild branch (such as gentiles like me) can be grafted on, how much more may a native branch be grafted back on?
    There is of course no indication that union with God may be on any other basis but the work of Jesus, but there is also no indication that God has ever stopped having a special love of Israel, or that He has withdrawn His promises to them. Indeed, it seems more common that God is faithful, even when we (or Israel) are not. He does not change.
    I don’t know what at the end of the day will become of Israel, but I expect with some confidence that we will say that God honored His word to them.

    P.S. I have no opinion as to how this “special favor” may or may not relate to the modern state of Israel.

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