It’s over!!!

Last night, just before midnight, I flopped into bed having survived NEXUS. It’s been a long week and very tiring. It’s been great to watch an event go through a cycle from empty hall through build up and then back to an empty hall again. I’ve met some great people and had some fun. I’ve walked miles and stood up for much longer than is good for you.

As for NEXUS, I’m not sure what my impressions are. There are some parts that seemed to work well but others that didn’t.

I had a thought last night that perhaps most of the the event had been about resourcing the church to stay as it is, not to move forward, and I hope I’m wrong in that. I know that some people who came found the exhibition interesting and enthusing. What I can say, without doubt, is that the coffee was great and the friendships enduring. Maybe that’s what church should be all about.

You can download some of the seminars from the NEXUS website.

4 thoughts on “It’s over!!!”

  1. I’m only just recovering myself. Between church duties and family visitors, I didn’t get much of a rest on Sunday.
    Much as I might grump about long hours and being taken for granted, I really love doing stuff like this. Basically, I’m a nosy sod and love to see what everyone else is up to. It’s not the same just visiting – I love to be involved, even if it does mean doing stuff I’d never dreamt I’d be doing (perhaps because I end up doing such things). Who’d have thought that after a 5 minute ‘masterclass’ I’d be waving puppets about in front of 1000+ kids and parents?
    There were things that worked and things that didn’t but I think it gives a great base to learn from if it happens again. I’m not sure about your comment about ‘resourcing to stay where we are’. I suspect there were many things that would still be seen as ‘challenging’ or ‘forward-thinking’ by many churches. But perhaps something like Nexus does need to be just that bit further ahead. I guess it’s a delicate balance between ‘trailblazing’ and being ‘out of sight’. And… (jumping on my own hobby-horse) I think much more is needed in Christian education to enable and to demonstrate theological and scriptural ‘legitimacy’ for those forward-moving ideas (and for that matter, to explore their ‘legitimacy’ before presenting them as the ‘next great thing’).
    Sorry, bit of a lengthy ramble – I should really start my own blog.
    (Goes off to play with more web-toys)

  2. You really should start your own blog! I’d read it!!!

    I totally agree about Christian Education. It never fails to amaze me just how disinterested people are in learning and engaging. That said, the seminar programme was well attended so maybe we can build on that.

    And just so you know, you’re not taken for granted by everyone! One of the highlights for me was getting to spend time with you and kenny and andy, and getting to know some of the others on the team a bit better and I really appreciate all your hard work.

    Now stop playing with web toys and start a blog!!!

  3. Stewart,
    I totally agree with what you have to say about friendships. To think that last Monday I had yet to meet either of Kenny, Andy or John and by the end of the week I had spent more time with them than with my son and enjoyed their company! I have to say that I think the future of the church in Scotland is in safe hands. Now all we have to worry about are the hands that are holding it together at the moment!

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