In The National Interest

All this talk of ‘The National Interest’ as the Conservative and Liberal Democrats try to hammer out some kind of a deal seems a little odd.

Firstly, it suggests that the Tories wouldn’t be acting in the national interest if they didn’t have to try and get support.

Secondly, it seems to presume that a deal and all the compromise that goes with it is in the national interest.

In reality, neither of these will be completely true or completely false.

Of course the government tries to act in the national interest, or at least in their perception of what the national interest is, and in some ways compromise in government is good.

What isn’t in the national interest is political posturing and claiming that it’s only one party that is acting in the national interest while at the same time crucifying Gordon Brown for fulfilling his constitutional duty by continuing in the role of Prime Minister while the Tories try to form a government.

So much for a more mature kind of politics.

1 thought on “In The National Interest”

  1. Gordon Brown received a back handed compliment from a Tory who said that he had fought a brilliant campaign from where he had started…. Gordon is without doubt and honourable man, flawed certainly, but one who has acted correctly throughout.
    I took a perverse pleasure in finding out that a former Home Secretary was voted out (as a result of the sleaze/expenses thing) and a back stabbing opportunist (let’s name him… Charles Clarke) also got booted out.
    The only good things about this is that parties are actually talking to each other and trying to find a way to work together.
    National Interest it may not be, but it is a start.

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