Holy City : Choice / Cuts

Holy City ‘Choice Cuts’… faith and futures in a world in crisis

The 2011-12 programme focuses on the stark choices facing us today in Scotland and the world beyond. How we see the past, present and future; how we employ our imagination, nurturing, compassion and creativity; what we value in education, economics, health, hope (and ultimately) our humanity. The choices with which we’ll engage each month are not a million miles from those Jesus confronted.

We begin on Sunday 30th October, with the evening’s sub-theme ‘Love or Apathy?’… @ 6.30 – 9.30pm, Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow G2.

Despite what we sometimes assume, hate is not the opposite of love… the opposite is more accurately carelessness, indifference, apathy…. ironic, knowing, sophisticated and suavely self-indulgent posturing, even(?). We’ll be exploring examples of where the more passionate emotion (love) gets engaged and changes the world.

As usual, we’ll start with a wee sing, followed by workshops for an hour, then tea and coffee (courtesy of our delectable T-Team), and rounding off the evening with around 40 minutes of worship.

So, we hope to welcome you on the 30th!


Commissioning poverty, truthfully – speaking honestly about real things, with members of The Povert Truth Commission.
Encouraging vandalism – Urban Folk Art – provocative and loving words upon a wall, with Iain Campbell.
Love Story (the biblical exploration) – Jo Love & Chris Long unearth the love letters (and apathetic amour) in the biblical record.
An interviewer interviewed… – with Lucy Adam – chief reporter for The Herald. She has interviewed the Megrahi family, and won awards for her reports with Christian Aid and Concern.
Love coffee, love protest – Ruth Coulter talks about the Protest Cafe she and others have set up in Belfast to regularly take action and make a difference on issues that concern them.

‘Mibbes aye, mibbes naw’ – A liturgy on apathy and commitment, in song, symbol, silence and participation.

Further information: <wgrg [at] iona [dot] org [dot] uk>; 0141 332 6343. <http://www.holycity-glasgow.co.uk>

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