higher, faster, stronger

Sport is an amazing concept.  When you deconstruct any sport it is ridiculous.  Why would anyone want to kick a ball around?  Or run 26 miles?  But sport seems to bring our all of human nature and make us strive to be the best we can be.

I love the Olympics.  The variety of sports and the opportunity to watch things that you would never see any other time is great.  I suppose the BBC tend to cover British athletes so our coverage is peppered with things like swimming, archery, boxing, rowing, fencing, 3 day eventing, sailing, kayaking and cycling.  The coverage is superb.  6 choices on digital tv with the same online with loads of video.

What always impresses me is the dedication of all of these athletes to their sports.  The amount of training needed to even get to the games is incomprehensible. These people give their lives to their sports with no guarantees that you will get anything from it.

So, over the few couple of weeks of the Olympics and then Paralympics I’ll marvel at the skills, strength and dedication of the world’s athletes as they strive to go higher, faster or be stronger.

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