Goals for 2010 – an update

targetI set myself 11 goals for 2010.  I’ve made some good progress on some and very little on others.

1. Learn to play 10 songs on the guitar

No progress.  Like none.  Must do better.

2. Shoot par

This isn’t really an expectation… more a dream.  I’ve played 1 round of golf this year and I was terrible.  Again, must do better.

3. Cycle more

I’ve been out on the bike a few times, most notably last week with the small boys where we went on a cycling adventure and got muddy.  Great fun.  I’d like to get to the point where I can cycle into Glasgow and back.

4. Complete masters dissertation

I’m consumed by this at the moment.  14 May is the primary deadline.  I WILL have it done.

5. Develop the Something Beautiful Podcast

I have only contributed 1 interview this year (Gerry Hanan) but I’ve edited a couple of shows and I collated and formatted the Redemption Stories e-book.  I’m really pleased with it and hope you have all downloaded it and donated to Charity: water too.

I think we might try and do another one later in the year.  Ideas for a topic would be welcome.

6.  Climb 10 Mountains

Not yet.  That one is for summer.

7. Have better posture

The running is helping with this I think, as is being mindful.  I’ve not had as many headaches from my shoulders and neck so that’s positive.

8. Read 20 books

Sporadic. I started well and read 2 in quick succession but not much since.

9. Take more photos

Fail. I think I’ve taken fewer photos since I decided to take more!

10. write a book

Does Redemption Stories count?  If it does then I’ve done it.  If not then I’m not even close.

11. Run 10 miles

This is the one I’ve done most about.  I ran 10k the other day.  That’s the first time I’ve run 10k since 2000.  I ran it in 1:00:22.  Gutted about the 22 seconds but pleased about the 10k.  Onward! You can follow my progress with this on Nike +

How are you doing with your goals for 2010?  And has setting them been helpful?

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2010 – an update”

  1. Your #2 reminds me of a story Peter Rollins shares about a Baptist minister who was out playing golf rather than ministering to the under-resourced like he told his congregation he was doing.
    The angels found out and reported back to God what he was doing — begging him to punish the minister.
    So God went out to watch him play his game of golf and decided to intervene.
    On hole #1, the minister teed off and a slight breeze carried the ball all the way down the fairway and sunk it right in cup.
    Hole #2, he hit the ball and it ball landed outside the green and then rolled into the cup.
    Hole #3-#18 — all similar stories.
    18 holes in one.
    The angels were furious that God didn’t punish the minister.
    “Rather than punishing him you gave him the best game of golf in his entire life?!”
    Then God smiled and said, “But who’s he gonna tell?”

  2. Haha. That’s funny.

    That would happen to me! I really like golf and I used to play all the time when I was at school but working lots of evenings and weekends isn’t good for the handicap.

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