General Assembly – Day 2

Well… It’s tempting to say that today was just as dull if not more so, than yesterday!  In parts it was, very, but there were also moments of what could almost pass as interesting, even exciting.

Bible Study this morning was on Psalm 139 and was presented with an honesty and vulnerability that was rare and engaging.

Vision4Life was launched, the next stage of our Catch the Vision process, but more on that some other time.

We discussed in small groups a proposal to be grown up about sexuality.  To make a committment to work and pray together, respect each other and to seek God’s gifts of unity, harmony, wisdom and deeper understanding.  It would be easy to be cynical and describe this as a fudge or avoidance tactic but there is a real sense that we, the United Reformed Church, want to work this deeply devisive issue out in a manner that shows the Grace that Jesus had.  Today I’m proud to work for this church.

Tonight we marked the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade act with music from a gospel choir and a service of worship.

A quick visit to the brilliant Children’s Assembly going on at the same time as General Assembly to film some stuff for tomorrow and then off to bed.

Tomorrow John and I are setting up a labyrinth for the young people to experience.